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Charred Oaks Inn Celebrates National French Toast Day

Yesterday, November 28th, was National French Toast Day and here at our Select Registry bed and breakfast near Lexington, Kentucky, we celebrated with a taste test at breakfast. The guests were the judges and had to "suffer" through our top three signature French Toast recipes.

Now we all know that French Toast is defined as slices of bread that are soaked or dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs, often with milk or cream. Sometimes sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla is added to the mixture. Usually the slices of coated bread are then fried on both sides until browned.

Traditionally French toast is served with syrups, fruit, fruit toppings or jams.

Chefs recommend using stale bread because it will soak up more of the egg/milk mixture.

All of this is true, but here at Charred Oaks Inn, our signature French Toast recipes include slices of French or Italian bread, croissants, and leftover Brioche. Our mixture includes wonderfully fresh eggs and cream and our flavor infusions include Grand Marnier, Rum, good Kentucky bourbon, Madagasgar Vanilla, fresh grated nutmeg and Saigon cinnamon. And, we bake our French Toast.

The top three signature French Toast recipes judged yesterday were: 1) Apple Brie stuffed French Toast; 2) our plain French toast topped with fresh fruit and toasted almond slices; and 3) our Banana Foster French toast filled with whipped cream cheese and bananas dipped in a mixture of rum, eggs and cream.

And the winner was .... Banana Foster French Toast!!

Click here for the Charred Oaks Inn Banana Foster French Toast recipe. Enjoy!!

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