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"Other holidays repose upon upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future." ~ J. Sterling Morton

Arbor Day began in 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It is estimated that nearly one million trees were planted at that time. The purpose of Arbor Day is to encourage people to plant trees - both forest trees and fruit trees. At Charred Oaks Inn, we love trees! And our bespoke Select Registry bed and breakfast is situated on almost four very lush, park-like acres ringed in by beautiful and unique trees like Copper Beech, Beech, White Oak, Red Oak, Willow Oak, Maple, Sycamore, Ginko, Hickory, Wild Cherry, Golden Rain, Catalpa, Red Bud, Dogwood and Magnolia.

In fact Charred Oaks Inn is named in honor of a very subtle, yet crucial part of the process in making America’s one and only alcoholic drink: bourbon and in conjunction with numerous white oak trees throughout the grounds! “One of the legal requirements for bourbon is that it start with a mash consisting of at least 51 percent corn. Also integral to the mix is good water found in Kentucky springs. After at least two years in the barrel, the aged whiskey can be labeled as bourbon. ”The result is a very strong liquor that often gets a splash of water before going into charred white oak barrels to age. This step is the most crucial in the production of bourbon, because the whiskey seeps into the barrel walls as they expand in the hot summer months and leeches back out during cooler weather as the wood contracts."

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