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This recipe is one of our favorites at Charred Oaks Inn!  It is quick and easy as well as delicious and versatile.  It is perfect for breakfast with butter and maple syrup or jam or for brunch with turkey hash or in the place of bread with country ham slices.




1 cup self-rising Buttermilk enriched white cornmeal mix (Our preference is WhiteLily)

½ cup buttermilk (Our preference is buttermilk made with whole milk)

1 egg

2 TBS bourbon (Our preference for this recipe is Four Roses)

2 TBS vegetable or canola oil

2 tsp granulated sugar

¼ cup hot water



Preheat griddle (Our preference is a non-stick griddle, but you can melt butter in a heated skillet over medium heat)

In a large bowl whisk together the cornmeal mix and granulated sugar

In a small bowl slightly beat egg with two tablespoons of oil; whisk in buttermilk and bourbon

Add egg mixture to cornmeal mixture and stir until combined

Whisk in hot water gently until combined (You may not need to use all of the water, the batter should be thick, but not stiff)

Drop two heaping tablespoons of batter onto the hot griddle (or skillet if you prefer) for each hoecake

Cook each cake until browned and bubbles appear on the top of the cake; turn with a pancake turner or spatula, and brown the other side.

Serve hoecakes while warm with choice of toppings.


Makes 12 hoecakes

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