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“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” John Gunther, American writer and journalist.

Scrumptious full gourmet breakfasts!

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It’s all about choices …

Breakfast at Charred Oaks is a real treat and the inn’s menu changes seasonally to take advantage of the best Kentucky has to offer year round.  Pamela and Richard believe it is all about choices – breakfast dishes are prepared from scratch each and every day!  We pride ourselves on creatively accommodating guests’ dietary preferences by providing vegetarian, vegan, or gluten/dairy free options when notified at the time of booking. 


Guests enjoy so many options for our incredible breakfast dining at Charred Oaks Inn:


Option One - Breakfast Lite   Available from 7:30AM til 10:00AM      

For guests who prefer a “lite” start to their day, who need to get out and about early, or who want to sleep in until the last snooze alarm goes off, Breakfast Lite is the perfect choice for them.


Stocked with yogurts, fresh fruit, homemade granola, baked oatmeal bars (a Charred Oaks specialty) and/or one of Pamela’s daily fresh pastries, not only is it nutritious, but it’s easy as well – with handy “to go” supplies.


Option Two - Chef’s Choice or Breakfast Made-to-Order      Available from 8:00AM til 9:30AM

Our Made-to-Order Breakfast is graciously served in the inn’s bright and beautifully decorated dining room set up to allow for maximum privacy with luxury table linens, fine china and gorgeous glassware.  Fresh flowers, flickering candle lights and soft music enhance the breakfast experience and help get the day off to a relaxing start or if they prefer, guests can eat outside on the patio (weather permitting). 


Option Three - Breakfast in Bed                      Served 8:00AM -9:30AM

Guests can choose to pamper themselves or someone special with a thoughtfully prepared breakfast of their choice from either the Breakfast Lite menu or the Chef’s Choice Breakfast.  Their breakfast will be brought to their room on a tray set with gleaming tableware, sparkling stem ware and fresh flowers. 

Guests will be able to choose one of the six daily Made-to-Order entrees or Chef’s Choice ... 


Daily Made-to-Order Entrees Examples:

(Unless otherwise stated, Entrees are served with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or choice of breakfast meats which include Kentucky ham, bacon or sausage)


Scrambled, over easy, sunny-side up Farm Fresh Eggs or a two-egg or egg white omelet; served with artisan toast of the day, and Kentucky ham, bacon or sausage 

Eggs in a Basket with Roasted Beefsteak Tomatoes and fresh basil  

Poached eggs over Parmesan Grits served with Applewood smoked bacon  

Bananas Foster Stuffed French Toast with Maple Praline syrup

Apple Brie Stuffed French Toast

Blueberries & Cream Souffle Casserole


Chef Choice Examples:

(Unless otherwise stated, Entrees are served with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or breakfast meats which include Kentucky ham, bacon or sausage)


Huevos Rancheros on Cilantro-Grits Cakes 

Herbed crepes with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Prosciutto, Pear and Blue Cheese Stuffed French Toast

Asparagus Spears with Country-Ham-And-Egg Gravy with fresh, hot Buttermilk Biscuits

Breakfast Pot Pie topped with a flaky Phyllo crust


Hot cereals, Starters and Pastries:

Baked oatmeal with seasonal fresh fruits

Breakfast Grits

Apricot s pureed with a touch of orange brandy and layered with peach yogurt, topped with toasted almond slices  

Melon salad with orange-blossom honey and fresh basil  

Bourbon Brown Sugar Muffins

Blackberry-Raspberry Crumb Bars




A selection of fresh ground regular and decaffeinated coffees, hot chocolate, and domestic and imported teas are available throughout the day.


Blueberry Pomegranate and/or fresh squeezed Orange Juice is available for breakfast.



For Your Favorite Charred Oaks Inn Recipe, click on the following.  If you don't see your favorite, let us know and we'll be glad to share.

Scone Bread & Butter Pudding Recipe


Banana Foster-Stuffed French Toast Recipe


Fruity Baked Oatmeal Recipe


Apricot Whip Recipe

Traditional Kentucky Hoecakes Recipe





Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!” ~Author Unknown


Refreshments, including fresh homemade cakes, cookies, tarts and other sweet delights, are served in the common room each evening to welcome guests back “home” at the end of the day.


Sampling of desserts offered:

Kentucky Blackberry Jam Cake with decadent Caramel icing

Race Day Pie with chocolate chips, pecans and a dash of bourbon

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie with Caramel Sauce

Four Roses Apple Kuchen

Giant Coconut Macaroons with Bittersweet Chocolate Drizzle

Old Fashioned Lemon Drizzle Cake

Assortment of local cheeses and fresh fruit

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