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The calendar may say that today, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, is indeed the Spring Equinox, but looking out the window and watching the weather reports, we are getting a different message!! The "S" word is very prevalent today as the fourth Nor'easter makes it way up the east coast and here in Central Kentucky we are expecting yet another 5-8 inches of the white stuff tonight. And while I know it will be beautiful, I also know it will not last long as the ground has been slowly warming up. Perhaps this one will be the last one ...

It brings to mind a poem I read recently titled "On Melting of Snow in Spring" by Paige Scott

"As I glanced at the last of the snow melting away,

I noticed the bright spring day;

As snow melts away, better days it brings -

Where spring sun shines, and the robin sings."

Hang in there! It is Spring!

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