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In 1964, the James Bond/007 franchise released Goldfinger. It might have been the third Bond installment, but it was the first to top the charts coming in as the top grossing film of the year! And a large part of it was filmed in and around Kentucky – one major scene was even filmed just up the road from us here at Charred Oaks Inn at what is now the Bluegrass International Airport, across the street from Keeneland.

My Mom and I spent the summer of 1964 in London, England visiting her family. (My Mom was originally from Ireland, but after the war, her immediate family moved to England). And what a summer it was! Goldfinger, the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, Mary Poppins, Eliza Doolittle, and It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World to name a few premiered while we were there, but 007 reigned supreme! My uncles hushed my cousins and I anytime Shirley Bassey could be heard rendering “the” theme song (but we retaliated with our rather noisy rendition of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).

And over breakfast each morning, discussions would ensue as to what would 007’s favorite breakfast be?

Now as a child, this particular discussion held no interest to me and I believe I tuned those conversations out as I am unable to remember whether or not, Mr. Bond’s choice for breakfast was ever discovered. But, many years later, in our beautiful bed and breakfast home here in Kentucky amidst all the uproar of the latest 007 movie, Spectre, I found myself thinking about that summer of 1964 and I am as curious as my uncles before me were, about what the famous man licensed to kill would choose for breakfast …

I mean, if you are licensed to kill, are you really going to be interested in eating breakfast? Or as Sean Brand asked in his book, Literary Feasts, “do you think that James Bond is going to have strong views about the best method of making scrambled eggs?” The answer is yes. Who knew?!?! In Casino Royale, Ian Fleming describes Bond as “pernickety and old-maidish” in his obsession with proper cooking. And his absolute favorite meal is breakfast. Who knew?!?! In a 1963 short story from Fleming called 007 in New York, James Bond shares his opinions about his “favorite dish” – scrambled eggs. Again, who knew?!?! But apparently scrambled eggs are only for special occasions or on visits to the US because back home in Merry Olde England, Bond, James Bond, “has one egg, boiled for exactly three-and-a-third minutes for his breakfast. Oh yes, and a pint of orange juice.” Do you think my uncles knew?!

At Charred Oaks Inn we are “pernickety and old-maidish” in our obsession to spoil and pamper our guests throughout their stay, and in particular at breakfast time. Richard and I believe every day is a special occasion and our menus change daily and seasonally to take advantage of the best Kentucky has to offer. Breakfast dishes, whether made-to-order or Chef’s Choice are prepared fresh from scratch and served with love.

All dietary preferences and needs are accommodated.

Richard and I are sure that Mr. Bond would be pleased with his breakfast at Charred Oaks Inn, as long as it’s scrambled or stirred, and not shaken that is. :-)

To discover what breakfast is all about at Charred Oaks Inn, go to

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