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Today is the Saturday following Thanksgiving and it is in the upper 40's and pouring down rain - in other words it's the perfect kind of day to stay in and bake. I know we all have Holiday favorites whether it be sweet or savory for breakfast, dinner and dessert. To kick-off this year's baking marathon, I surveyed a few family members, friends and Charred Oaks Inn guests as to what they would like me to begin with. In the past, I have received requests ranging from my applesauce bread to my Old Fashioned Apple Cake, or our delicious Naked Salted Caramel Cake, but this year the overwhelming response was for my cinnamon rolls.

It works for me. Since it takes a bit of time to make the rolls, it's well worth the wait. It gives me a chance to sip my mug of tea in front of the fireplace and work on my "Holiday To Do List" while whiffs of cinnamon waft through the house.

Richard is busy working on compiling a new holiday playlist and figuring out how to hang some new garlands.

Stay tuned ...

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