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Dalgona Coffee also known as Whipped Coffee or Korean Whipped Coffee is nothing short of amazing, not too mention delicious! As many of you know, Richard and I are fans of Starbucks frappes (and actually have a made-to-order coffee frappe called the Riley Special at our favorite of favorite Starbucks at the corner of Parkers Mill Road and Versailles Road in Lexington), but with the #HealthyAtHome call here in Kentucky, our store was closed temporarily and we are hunkered down at the inn. So, we decided to experiment with creating a coffee drink to not replace, but satisfy that occasional craving.

Enter Dalgona Coffee!

Dalgona Coffee is a beverage (we prefer the term coffee flavored air) made by whipping equal portions of regular old instant coffee powder, granulated sugar and hot water until it becomes creamy. (Note: we use powdered Espresso coffee as it was all we had in stock, but have become addicted to the taste). You can whip it with a hand mixer, or by hand with a whisk (if you haven't done any exercise for a day or so, this is a great upper body workout), or our preferred method of using the whisk attachment on our immersion blender. Once whipped, you can use it to top hot or cold coffee, chocolate or milk beverages. (Or you can just spoon it down as is).

We have not yet begun to test the Dalgona Coffee with different sugars, or milks, but we will keep you posted. If by chance, you have a favorite version, please let us know.

Richard and I want to let you know, dear friends, that we are grateful for the emails, texts, calls, and Facebook posts! It makes our day to hear from you and to know that you and yours are safe and well. We also want to say "hi" to all the gang at the Parkers Mill Starbucks! We believe we will get through this together and that we will see each other once again in healthier times. Until then, be safe.

P.S. Charred Oaks Inn now has an Instagram page. Please be sure to check it out.

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