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#National I Love Horses Day

Pamela enjoying an up close and personal moment with some new members of the equine community ...

Greetings from the Horse Capital of the World on #National I Love Horses Day 2020!

Horses have been around for thousands of years and records show them to have been domesticated around 4000BC. Horses are mammals so they are all warm-blooded creatures, however the equine community has developed the terms hot, cold and warm blooded to best categorize the breeds: Hot Bloods, the Arabian and the Thoroughbred, meaning they have speed and endurance; Cold Bloods, or the "gentle giants" like the Clydesdales, Percherons, and Belgians, which describes horses that are slow and can do heavy work; and Warm Bloods like the Irish Draught, Hanoverian, Dutch Warmblood, etc., (having the athletic ability of the Hot Bloods and the temperament of the Cold Bloods).

These majestic animals always bring about a sense of awe when they are spotted. And with over 450 horse farms in and around the Greater Lexington area, there are plenty of chances to see these beauties.

If you are planning a trip to the Horse Capital, here are some great favorites to check out, all about 15-25 minutes from Charred Oaks Inn and currently open.

Old Friends Retirement Farm ( it is a working farm and a wonderful place to go and see past Kentucky Derby winners and other Thoroughbred champions in retirement – they offer private tours and you can feed them, pet them, etc.).

The Kentucky Horse Park (originally a horse farm established in the 1700's, is a wonderful place to see and learn about all breeds. and they also offer horse back riding).

Another working horse farm very near to the inn, Sun Valley Horse Farm, also offers private tours

The best place to see a listing of the horse farms offering small tours on-site (guest favorites: Claiborne – Secretariat’s resting place; Coolmore America – home to American Pharoah & Justify; Winstar – where Bobby Flay among others stables his horses; Airdrie; Taylor Made, etc.) is

Charred Oaks Inn, a Select Registry bed and breakfast, is located 12 miles west of downtown Lexington, Kentucky, in the middle of Horse Country and open year round.

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