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According to the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form (OEDILF) ...

"You can eat your EGGS scrambled or fried,

Either way, down your gullet they'll slide.

Whether soft - or - hard-boiled,

Deviled, poached (No! Not spoiled!),

You won't know which you like 'til you tried." ~ Limerick #74766 by mrserv

Charred Oaks Inn, Lexington, Kentucky's boutique bed and breakfast and a #selectregistry property, offers award-winning, made-to-order breakfasts daily from 8AM - 10AM. Each guest is provided with a menu which changes daily as well as seasonally. The menu consists of Charred Oaks' "breakfast lite" which is fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. This dish is available during regular breakfast hours as well as for early birds.

Then there are the starters: fresh baked oatmeal chock full of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries and served with a dollop of low fat Greek vanilla yogurt or a fresh fruit salad seasoned with a squeeze of lemon or orange juice, a drizzle of locally produced honey and chiffonaded home grown spearmint.

Then there's the "made-to-order section" including eggs anyway, with cheeses, fresh herbs, bacon or sausages, toasts or English muffin and of course, the inn's signature grits.

And lastly on the menu, you will find the Chef's Choices of the day - the savory option like the Polenta Eggs Benedict pictured above, or the sweet option like the Number One guest favorite - the Mixed Berry French Toast.

Everyday is #nationaleggday at Charred Oaks Inn - come for a stay and experience breakfast COI style for yourself!


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