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At Charred Oaks Inn we serve a made-to-order breakfast every day from 8:00AM - 10:00AM. Working from a menu, which changes daily, we use the freshest and most in-season ingredients available. Our guests have the choice of having their breakfast served in the Dining Room or delivered to their room. We are also open to working with all guests and their dietary needs, preferences and/or allergies.

The daily breakfast menu includes a choice of starters and a choice of a sweet or savory (Chef's Choice) entree. In addition to these choices is the option for eggs (over easy, over medium, over hard, scrambled, and omelettes). All entrees unless noted are served with a fresh fruit garnish and a choice of all natural apple chicken sausage or bacon.

In November our featured starter was our Apricot Whip (recipe below). It is a wonderfully light and airy concoction with layers of yogurt and apricot puree infused with orange liqueur. The requests for this recipe hit an all time high! It is a perfect stand alone breakfast, an excellent starter, or an amazingly easy dessert.


Apricot Whip Recipe

Prepared by Pamela Byrne Riley, Innkeeper

Photographed by Richard B. Riley


1 can (14 ounces) apricot halves in juice

1 TBS Grand Marnier or brandy of choice

¾ cup vanilla or peach yogurt

2 TBS sliced almonds


1. Drain the juice from the apricots and place the fruit and liqueur in the blender or food processor.

2. Process the apricots to a smooth puree.

3. Spoon the fruit puree and yogurt in alternate spoonfuls into four parfait glasses, beginning with the yogurt and ending with the fruit puree.

4. Lightly toast the almonds (2-3 minutes on high in the microwave). Let them cool and then arrange them or sprinkle over the top.

If serving children, use a little apricot juice from the can instead of the liqueur.

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