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Today is National Eggs Benedict Day. Eggs Benedict is a favorite breakfast or brunch dish featuring poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon or ham on toasted English Muffin halves.

There are two versions of how this dish came about: one in the early 18th century involving Pope Benedict XIII and the other in the late 1800's involving a stockbroker, Lemuel Benedict, and his specially ordered breakfast at the Waldorf Hotel.

Restaurants around the country serve their own versions substituting bacon, salmon, lobster or corned beef for the Canadian bacon; adding sliced tomatoes, wilted spinach or steamed asparagus; or replacing the English muffin with toast, bagels, or waffles. According to experts the most important elements of the dish are properly poached eggs and a perfect Hollandaise sauce. It is said that when the yolk and the sauce blend with all the other ingredients, the Eggs Benedict dish is divine!

At Charred Oaks Inn for the 2020 season, Pamela has developed our own signature Eggs Benedict dish with two lightly fried polenta cakes in place of the English muffin topped with thin slices of Kentucky country ham, wilted spinach and a poached egg drizzled with our homemade Hollandiase sauce, and served with a side of roasted Roma tomatoes. This dish can also be made for those with special dietary needs including those on Gluten Free and Dairy-free diets.

New this season as well, breakfast at the inn is offered daily between the hours of 8AM and 10AM. We offer individually plated breakfasts in the Dining Room at staggered times to limit the number of guests seated at the individual tables allowing for appropriate social distancing, or you can have breakfast in your room where it will be delivered to your door. Coffee, decaf and hot teas are available for breakfast. We use individual French presses for the coffee and decaf and individual teapots. Should you be an early riser, Nespresso coffee makers are set up and stocked in each of the guest rooms. If you are a tea drinker, please let us know and we will be delighted to provide you with an electric tea kettle and tea set-up in your room.

As usual, we offer a menu for breakfast which can be found on a clipboard on the beds in each of the guest suites/rooms. We ask that you fill it out and put the clipboard outside your room before retiring (preferrably before 10PM). Our menus change daily as well as seasonally and offer a choice of starters: usually fruit or grains; farm fresh eggs made to order; a sweet entree as well as a savory entree. Side dishes can include locally produced breakfast meats, vegetables, fruit and Pamela's signature grits.

Charred Oaks Inn is known for its breakfasts and have won several national awards. We are also committed to making your breakfast something to remember and are more than happy to customize your meal.

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